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SATURN Galactic Federation
Arm of Saturn, Mercury Sector, Planet SEISTH
64,000 light-years on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Solar System

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My name is Leonardo, and I have been working for the government as a software engineer for 33 years. Cosmically speaking, I am a person who has volunteered to be on Earth, and give important information to people; a task that I do with great satisfaction.

My purpose is to speak especially to the Asian people, as they are the creation and descendants of the Saturn agenda. Its creator and father was an Ancient Alien from a planet called SEISTH, which is on the opposite side of the Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the arm of Saturn.

A holocaust and a great massacre are coming, and even partly a war. My obligation is to give you the options you have to face your future, and that of your people, but with the truth, because if you are deceived when incarnating that is not freedom, that is evil and manipulation.

The first option is that you do not incarnate on Earth again, and you must be prepared, because when you die they trick you into incarnating for reasons of karma or other false reasons. Karma exists, but on Earth it is not being respected. There are evil people who incarnate in privileged places, and good people who arbitrarily they put them in any body. This option is not to run away out of cowardice, but it is simply not wanting to participate in an unequal war and a scam, and you want to live in peace in a beautiful place, not in this violent prison in which you fall by deceit.

The second option is to reincarnate in this world, but in case you already know that they lie to you when they force you to incarnate, and suffer and fight the holocaust that is coming. My obligation is to tell you on this website what it's all about, and you know the future ahead.

In general, and for everyone, except for certain privileged lineages, this world is an oppressive matrix, it is not a good place to spend your life, and even less because of the events to come that I mentioned to you, for the Asian people. In fact, the present is pretty nasty, in fact.

The proof that this world is not a good place for you is economic injustice. There are people who have money equivalent to the economy of a country, and there are people who do not have food. Then a being in Rome tells you that he represents god on earth, and he can't or won't do anything about it. Obviously this is a world where things don't work well.

But there are fascinating worlds of light, and it is to those worlds that we must orient ourselves, to live an eternal life of joy and satisfaction, learning and relationship with beings of light. For this we do not need to go to another dimension or escape from the universe, simply incarnate on other planets that are not like Earth. Life is a gift that the universe has for you, not something that you must earn at the cost of money and endless wars. That is something that they have established on Earth, it is important that you know.

Good luck!

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