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Cosmic Human Civilisations of the Milky Way Galaxy
URANUS Spiral, Mercury Sector
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Venerable Master ALUDAK (Venus)

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Regarding Leonardo and his Master ALUDAK

Source: Master ALUDAK (Venus) Planet SEISTH
Master Leonardo Betetto (ALNITAD)
Mendoza, Argentina

Best regards ...

My name is Leonardo Betetto, and I am from Argentina, of European descent.

In a world like this, where talking about being from other worlds is a subject taken with grace, and even as something crazy and infra normal, it is a challenge to talk about it, but we rejoice to have the opportunity to do so.

Being otherworldly is as normal as saying you are from another country. What is happening is that there is a state of widespread agnosis on Earth, conspiratorially, as the hidden ruling elites have evil plans for most of humanity. Information is all manipulated, and truth is a treasure to be brought precisely from other worlds, for here it will never be told.

In the universe we humans predominate. Humans, but not as on Earth, but what they have mythologised in this world, although in reality human means flesh and blood, but a perfected flesh and blood, with a life span a hundred times greater than that of terrestrial man.

There happens to be an interplanetary war, and we are in this place taken over by exoplanetary forces whose instrument of control and generator of destructive processes, and the processes typical of this mediocre state of affairs is a space station, which is an asteroid full of facilities, that is, "the Moon".

My planet is on the other side of the galaxy from us, somewhat further from the centre. It is called Seisth, and we are in the sector of Mercury, and as for the spiral, it is that of Uranus, the Earth being in that of Mercury, so it is our opportunity to recover the planet from the lethargy and abduction that afflicts it.

I am of the sign of Uranus (ALNITAD), and my Grand Master is of Venus (ALUDAK).

My Master is a being of much knowledge, and of positive capacity to generate union, and to establish causes against insecto-reptiloid evil.

The insecto-reptiloids are on Earth, they do not have to come from outside. Precisely, those coming from outside are human souls.

These entities, of greater current concentration in the Neptune Sector, took over many planets, they destroy them and all their people. Then comes a middle stage of creation of animal life, of genetic seeding in humans to be future monsters on Earth, and they use humans for different purposes, many of which are aberrant.

They seek the degradation of the human, just as they are degraded and aberrant.

But thanks to the universe and the initiative of people like my Master, we are empowered and helped all the time when of our own free will we come to these planets to produce two basic but decisive facts: to shorten the apocalypse, and then to take care that the suffering is minimized.

Our advantage is therefore astrological: Seisth is in opposition to the Earth, but in the Sector of Jupiter and without planets. On the other hand, we are in opposition, but in conjunction with Mars, which is the planet of birth and the "I AM". We are therefore on Earth at the dawn of a new birth for the planet, as is rapidly happening in millions.

If we look at the natal chart of this astrological period for the Earth, we see very clearly a confrontation between Saturn in Uranus and Neptune conjunct Moon in Neptune. The warring parties, therefore, are clear.

So, the issue at hand is that this 75 million year period started in a bad state, and that is why things ended up going from bad to worse. In this new period, we are acting quickly to take back what was taken from us.

In this world I am a musician, a master of Chinese martial arts, a software engineer, a biblical scholar, and of course, I fight in this cause, which fills me with satisfaction in the fact that I can contribute.

Without the protection of the Master on my Planet, where the pyramids play a fundamental role of communication, this work would not be possible, because it would be impossible to incarnate to begin with, and even less possible to maintain life, in a world where people are eliminated for much less compromising causes.


1. To force the occult elite to take the process of the apocalypse from second density level time to first density level time.
Status: Achieved.

2. To minimize catastrophes and calamities by means of predictions.
Status: in progress, and successful.

3. Prevent genocide by the occult elite against the East, using nuclear weapons, plagues, earthquakes, eruptions, and biological weapons of high dangerousness and aberrancy, such as scorpio-anthropoid alien bugs.
Status: in progress.

4. Discreetly inform the general public of this reality.
Status: in progress and successful.


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Mendoza, Argentina

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