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Galactic Uranus Federation
64,000 light-years on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Solar System

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Regarding Leonardo and his Master ELUGAK

Best regards ...

My name is Leonardo Francisco Betetto, I was born in 1970, in Argentina.

Cosmically speaking, I have come voluntarily from a planet on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Earth, called SEISTH, where my Venerable Master ELUGAK dwells, who is of the sign of Venus.

We have drawn up a plan because of the delicate situation that this world is going through, and it will become more delicate in the future, until the cosmic system, which is pure light, is installed.

We are on the way to a gradual genocide programmed thousands of years ago by Pluto, and we do not notice it, because we have incorporated the problems of this world as something natural, or what is worse, as if it were our just guilties.

The biblical Apocalypse is shown as a divine judgment and the end of time. It is not a divine judgment but a programmed genocide, and the end of times will never be, but there will be restarts.

Why come now?

In the year 1842 the terrestrial timeline entered the second quadrant of the Solar System, which makes it vulnerable to our position on the opposite side. We, instead of attacking and conquering, for the time being wish to inform people of very important things, so that they either do not return to this world, or know how to handle themselves in the future, as we will give the most important events of the next 2900 years.

The elites use galactic astrology to program events, because that is how the universe works. On Earth people are given false astrology, but where I come from we also have galactic astrology.

I have had a life that is symbolic of Earth's history, and I also have information in my left hand, encoded. This is necessary because on Earth the truth has been wiped off the face of the Earth, and the occult elites do not tell people anything reliable. Obviously, if it is about genocides, they are not going to inform them of such a thing. They only give false clues, put on performances, and simulate things that do not exist.

The plans are so aberrant and diabolical that our Uranus Federation has mobilized to, by means of information, prevent the future intended by the aforementioned evil and occult elites. In the year 4161 a military of our federation will be present to fight against Pluto, and against Neptune. Jupier will die around the year 3300.

My Master, great sage and defender of the light, takes care of me all the time, because being in enemy territory working against the enemy is not an easy task, but it is possible to work given the astrological disadvantage of the Earth, I repeat, situation that we do not take advantage of to invade militarily, but, for the moment, to give critical and vital information for the people who do not have the evil intentions of the evil elites, these are, the European monarchies, and their French and Anglo-Saxon colonies, and the Jews.

Our planet is in the light, and that means a lot. There are no calamities, we are asexual, there are no animals, and we use the pyramids to move and communicate with the rest of the universe. That should be so on Earth, but the situation of the pyramids shows that they have been sabotaged, and the bleak picture that prevails in this world.

As the truth has been hidden or erased, people depend on myths, legends, religions, and speculations to know, or they are forced to listen to the tremendous lies of the scientific elites, NASA, the Pentagon, the English universities, etc.

So, I brought the truth under my arm, and I have lived in my own flesh the history of humanity on a low scale, and that allows me to obtain a lot of information, which I find myself decoding and transferring to the internet and social networks.

I look forward to chatting a lot about the truth. Thank you.

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Mendoza, Argentina & PLANET SEISTH

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