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Galactic Federation of URANUS
URANUS Arm, Mercury Sector, Planet SEISTH
64,000 light-years on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Solar System
Venerable Master ELUGAK

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Ancestral aliens and their creations: Detailed

Contactee: Leonardo Betetto

Galactic map of the origin of the Ancestral Aliens:

1: Earth
2: Seisth
3: Ares B
4: Ares A
5: Pluto (Jehovah)

Terrestrial map of the creative and reproductive activity of the Ancestral Aliens:


Astrology is valid, but galactic astrology, another form of astrology different from what is taught on Earth. That astrology was used by Pluto to draw his plans. Then he created another false astrology to give to people, and then scientists say that astrologers are crazy, and religious people say it is of the devil. A real bad action on Pluto's part. Regarding this subject, we will talk about part of the Apocalypse, whose selected parts are assembled using this galactic astrology, and on top of that, he has not given us all the data in the book, but he has used them to lie, as he is in the habit of doing.

It should be noted that reproduction at the cosmic level is by direct creation. Sex was created later, and is not legal at the cosmic level, given all that is involved, especially death, because when so many people are born, there must be natural death, and all those mechanisms are not legal at the cosmic level.

Not all Ancestral Aliens violated that principle, but only Pluto, who is the alien that came from the Neptune Sector, and Galactic Arm of Neptune, born under the sign of Pluto. That is the one I have been talking about, the god of the Jews, or Jehovah, and he is the one who ruined the lives of us humans in this world.

Pluto is of the arm of Neptune, Neptune Sector bordering with Ares Sector. It is not that all the people of that place are bad, it is Pluto that is a perverted and lying being, and always was, and always will be.

Pluto put the Moon where it is, and invented the sign of Cancer and Leo using Pluto's astrological arm to make this mess. It's a somewhat complicated issue.

Then, the famous Pluto arrived, and with him came an individual from the arm of Ares, from the same Sector of Neptune, with his two sons or creations. They settled in present-day Tel Aviv. They were in that place, then, four in all who came:

Northern Hemisphere:

Ares A
Ares B1
Ares B2

6: Saturnian "N", and Plutonian Amerindians.
7: Neptunian sons of Pluto: 5 variants of "R1b".
8: Arabian, Caucasian and Southeast European lineage (J1, J2) Saturn creations, created by Saturn son of Ares B1; also the Slavic "R1a" lineage.
9: First Saturn creation of SEISTH: Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.
10: Last Saturn creation, Grand Master AJUH KWA of Egypt (drowned).
11: Germanic Neptunians displaced towards the Sector of Ares.
12: Light-eyed blonde woman mixed with N, O, and Slavic male lineages.
13: JEWISH woman biological daughter of Pluto.
Pluto (Jehovah).
Now we go to the pyramidal Southern Hemisphere.

These people were more cultured than those of the North. Pluto is poor in architecture, and obsessive with genetics, especially biological weapons, such as viruses, and aberrant beings. The Jewish temple is a myth, they never built a temple, they do not have the capacity to build a construction of cosmic proportions, as did those who settled in Egypt, and built the pyramids and many other impressive buildings. Those of the gods were added later by people from Pluto. An architect he sent to have buildings built to confuse future generations, saying that the Egyptians were idolaters and worshipped gods, which is not true.

The one from the South, Ares A, came with four sons or creations. One, the Plutonian created the Amerindians in America. That is why there are extraterrestrial buildings in Puma Punku, as well as in Easter Island, in the Southern Hemisphere as well.

The Jewish myth of the Exodus was set up to make Egypt look bad, but that place was the cultural center of the planet, since they had a lot of knowledge, and the fire and destruction of the Library of Alexandria is a clear testimony that Pluto did not want us to know the truth. Actually it was the other way around: The younger son created by Saturn is under the yoke of Jupiter, son of Pluto's partner, that is, Ares B1.

The Mercurian created colored people in Africa, the Venusian did the same in East Africa, and the last one, the Uranian, created the colored people of India, and Oceania.

It is clearly noted that the Uranus of the Northern Hemisphere took territory that did not belong to it for administrative and creative purposes.

Therefore these aliens coming from the Mars arm, Neptune Sector, were the following:

Ares A
Ares A1: Pluto
Ares A2: Mercury
Ares A3: Venus
Ares A4: Uranus

This story begins 8,614 years ago, and we are 1,114 years from the beginning. The Christian date of 2023 was created by adding 909 years to history. That is to say, at a certain point, they said: today is not the year 0 but 909, and from there the count began. Saturn passed away in the year 350 of this era of 1,114 years, that is, it is quite recent. He left his last created lineage, and those progeny were taken as slaves to Russia.

Antarctica was for a long time at the current equator, but with the technology of the moon Pluto rotated the Earth 90º, and put Antarctica at the south pole, and that covered it with ice. That was one of the genocides of the evil Pluto.

In conclusion, we will say that humanity is not as old as we have been lied to. And common sense tells us the truth, because it is not very plausible that hunter-gatherers lived like this for a hundred thousand years, and then suddenly moved on to build pyramids and the like.

But as the saying goes, history is written by the victors. Not that Pluto is a victor, but that he is a temporal killer, and has written a totally distorted history, which he gives for his famous book of the Bible, and for his famous Anglo-Saxon Frankish scientific elite.

If he gave shorter times, as they really are, his famous theory of evolution would not fit, then people would rightly wonder who created humans, and that does not suit Pluto, but it suits him that people believe that life evolves, which is a lie of colossal proportions.

Another aberrant thing on Pluto's part, and by now we should not be surprised, is that the book of Enoch speaks of supposed angels that procreated with women of the Earth, and Pluto accuses certain angels that he invented. The reality turns out to be the opposite, that is, it was he who incited them to procreate with women, first incarnating as humans, obviously, in order to be able to unite with women. That is not what this book says, because Pluto does not bother too much in the logical questions that people ask, except to cover his identity and his attitudes, of course.

To conclude, we will say that, if we are in the real year 1114, then there are 6,386 years left for the restart of time. The cycle always starts again in the Sector of Ares.

See you soon.

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