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I present you the real zodiac of the Milky Way

Author: Leonardo Betetto

This is the real zodiac:

For thousands of years we have been given a zodiac that is not what it should be. To begin with, both the Sun and the Moon are not planets, and the real zodiac is made up of the 8 planets. The Moon is an asteroid placed there intentionally, so it cannot mark times, not at least real times in the universe. The Sun is a star, not a planet, therefore it does not mark time either.

The true zodiac has eight sectors, and each one covers a stage of a person's life, and each one even marks a different color in the electromagnetic spectrum, which goes from red (Start: Ares) to violet (End: Neptune).

The Solar Center is the center of the zodiac, but it does not mark times, rather it is the beginning of each one of the spirals that correspond to each planet. Each planet, then, covers a sector, and corresponds to a spiral that runs through the 360 degrees of the zodiac.

In each sector through which the spiral is found, domicile mark, cadence 1, cadence 2, cadence 3, exile. Then comes ancestry 1, 2, 3, and domicile again.

In order to know how to accommodate the known zodiac with the new one, it is necessary to match the first corner of the pyramid, which begins in Ares, with the Ascendant of the conventional zodiac, invert the zodiac vertically, and from there ignore the signs, the houses, the Sun, and the Moon, but place the planets in the same way.

Then I look for each spiral where the planet that corresponds to it is, following the line of said spiral, and the sector where it is, that planet then governs that of the eight parts of life.

There are also squares and oppositions.

The names of the planets are not the ones they give us either, since they are based on Greco-Roman conceptions, which are the ones that imposed on us that false zodiac today. The decoding of the planetary names is done with a binary code, a code is assigned according to the five parts of the vocal apparatus that are involved, and the planetary dignities.

The sectors have nothing to do with mythology, as they have on Earth, in order to put that science in a bad light.

In other words, the hidden rulers of this planet have been hypocritical, since they have used astrology to find out the truth, but when it comes to giving it to people they have distorted it, and on top of that they speak very badly of it. It has a bad reputation among religionists and scientists, at least in this world.

It is important to note that every object in the universe is a zodiac, and is divided into the eight aforementioned sectors, and the planets influence it, the eight mentioned.

Reality is assembled following a pyramidal and zodiacal digital scheme, but that is a complex issue that we will see in another article and videos.

The eight zodiacal planets with their corresponding numbers and associated planetary dignities

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