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Galactic Federation of URANUS
URANUS Arm, Mercury Sector, Planet SEISTH
64,000 light-years on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Solar System
Venerable Master ELUGAK

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Britain's total control is shown on the flag

The Jews are the sisters of the European monarchy, consisting of five sons born of Pluto and one female daughter, who are Jewish and inherited their genes from their mother.

The eight plates are parts of the galactic zodiac with eight planets.

The British elite secured a place on each of the planets of the plates, the weakest place being Jupiter, obviously, because it belonged to their enemy Jupiter or Russia, or communism.

That is why Russia wants to forcibly annex Ukraine to Russia, otherwise NATO from the West could easily establish itself in the Jupiter sector.

On the other hand, the Anglo-Saxon elite and their Jewish brothers are destroying Syria and southern Turkey because that is the only place they can occupy in the Jupiter zone.

The way these Jewish-European monarchies are dividing the world is a great evil. Of course, the United States and Canada are part of them.

Norway was a hidden ally, which is why it claimed so much territory for the Venus sector in Antarctica, and Britain also claimed a large part, which was equivalent to the Mercury sector.

This also explains the unprecedented British invasion of the Falkland Islands, as it is a key ecliptic position for the future.

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