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Ancestral Alien Pluto shifted the Earth's position

by Leonardo Betetto

Why is the Galaxy vertical, and not horizontal? The answer is simple, but amazing at the same time. Simply because they have rotated the Earth to the left almost 90 degrees.

That is why winter alternates in the Northern Hemisphere every December 25, in the sign of Capricorn.

The earth should be ninety degrees to the right, and then the Milky Way would look horizontal, as it should.

Who and why did he change its position?

Well, it was Pluto, who took power on Earth along with Jupiter, not without first making changes to cover up the true history of mankind. That is why there are very old maps showing Antarctica, and obviously no one can explain it, until now.

Antarctica was part of the equatorial zone, and great works were done there, but after the war of the gods changes were made. Pluto brought the Moon, which should in no way be where it is.

True zodiac of the Universe

False zodiac made by Pluto

The Moon is not alone, it has a very powerful quantum computer, a powerful anti-gravity generator, drones or flying robots that are known as UFOs or UFOs (they fly through the anti-gravity generator), and on the hidden side there are even pyramids, as they are fundamental to travel through the universe, and communicate with it.

Therefore, the year should begin in the sign of Aries, at the end of March, but it starts in January, as I said.

Also, the axis should not oscillate in the abrupt way it does, causing summer and winter, but the axis should be fixed and vertical, making the whole earth a habitable place. With different temperatures, but habitable.

Then, changes were made to the earth zodiac. The real zodiac has eight planets, and eight signs of 45 degrees, with their corresponding spirals, just like the Milky Way. But the terrestrial zodiac was assembled by collaging planets by signs of only 30 degrees. The astrological houses were invented, as well as the planetary dignities.

For example, Saturn rules Capricorn, and all that sign is Saturn, therefore this sign is in the North Pole, occupying thirty degrees, and yielding 15 degrees to Aquarius, already in the second quadrant. In addition, Capricorn has been inverted with Cancer, and the Moon has been placed as ruler of Cancer, which is false and a fraud, since the Moon is not a planet. Also the regency of the Sun over Leo is a fraud, because the Sun is not a planet either.

What Pluto has wanted is to cover its Plutonian identity, and to make Cancer a sign ruled by the Moon, while Pluto is behind it. Pluto represents our objectives, however on Earth this has been exchanged with Saturn. That is, in reality Saturn rules the "I COME FROM..." and Pluto rules the "I GO TOWARD...". But on Earth it is the other way around, the Moon rules the "I COME FROM...", and Saturn rules the "I GO TOWARD", or the so-called: MID-HEAVEN.

And this is how explanations to many zodiacal sign themes appear. Making use of the argument of exaltation, fall, exile, descent, and domicile, each sign was fabricated separately.

For example: Aquarius was armed with 15 degrees of Saturn plus 15 degrees of Uranus. Sagittarius is the last two sectors of 15 degrees. In reality, Jupiter is not the intellectual and judge they say, but the ruler of the second sign of the real inter-stellar zodiac, which is the basic thing we need. The pasting and placing of partial signs has made the horoscope dysfunctional, as the sign does not end up being complete in its 45 degrees.

The sign of Libra, known for balance and beauty and love, is actually the first 30 degrees of Ares. That's why there are military men in Libra, and there are really problematic women. That's common in Libra, because it's not Venus. Venus then is the first two sectors of Aries.

Well, so for all the signs, it would be a very long work to analyze each change, but this is the basis of the conspiracy.

That is why the substances were created, the vibratory modes, the wet and dry, the masculine and feminine, but that is not part of the real galactic zodiac.

How does Pluto change things, is he, as he says, the true god Yahweh?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Pluto is not a single true god to begin with, because there is no such thing as a single true god. What he does is to use the Moon. The Moon is the bane of the world, for it also generates and controls the astral plane, the site of macabre visions, deception, witchcraft, and much more. The lunar computer has the capacity to make you dream things and manipulate your mind. I know, because they sabotaged me for two years in my mission on Earth.

The famous grays are also astral holograms created by the lunar computer.

The gravitational action of the Moon on the Earth, making it rotate, brought about a very large wave that devastated several places on Earth, hence the myth of the flood. The Earth's crust was also fractured, and water entered through the cracks, which is the reason for plate tectonics. The pressure to which water is subjected generates heat, and heat generates hot water and lava.

Earthquakes are caused, then, with all the bad intention of the Moon's anti-gravity generator, when it affects and vibrates a tectonic plate.

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