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The Dead Files FRAUD

Author: Master Leonardo Betetto

The dead are always blamed for everything paranormal, and the poor souls have nothing to do with this disgusting fraud.

In the paranormal subject, and all the fraud behind that damned industry, they are in the habit of blaming everything on the dead.

Incidentally, for those of us who bring valuable information from the outside, we are rejected by TV and reputable media, obviously because they are controlled by the ruling elites of the matrix, and they do not want us.

The dead are poor people who are victims of this system or matrix that gives souls disposable bodies of sixty, seventy or eighty years of life, with luck. And I say hopefully, because there are people who are born to die; and even in animals, to have a horrendous life and death.

There is a series called Expedientes Paranormales in Spanish, and The Dead Files in English. To begin with, you can tell it's all acted, it's all made up. The detective acts that investigates the past of a haunted and bewitched place, and the woman pretends to be a psychic who captures all the energy and purpose of these supposed ghosts.

Then, the people who are victims of these supposed witchcraft and ghosts, and haunted houses, appear, and it is obvious that they feign absolute ignorance about these subjects, and let themselves be carried away by the supposed expertise of these two television actors and spiritual swindlers.

The truth is disgusting how they dare to treat the dead like this, people who are surely today incarnated in the bodies of who knows which living beings. And on top of that, whatever may be real in the paranormal has nothing to do with these deceased.

Fear is the main factor of control of consciences, it is used by all the media to control people, and the heads behind them are the powerful, and the occult ruling elites. It's not the ghosts that are occult, it's the occult rulers that screw people over, not the specters and paranormal entities necessarily.

I am not saying that there is no such thing as normality, what I am saying is that the dead have nothing to do with it, and even many parapsychologists and mentalists are clear about that. But in Germanic culture, for example, the theme of ghosts, fairies, goblins and all that kind of mythical beings is very latent in the collective unconscious, just as religion is for Latinos and others.

In fact, it can be noticed that this woman I am talking about, and all her production mechanism are put and paid very well by the system or matrix, because in one of the programs this woman told the victims of this para normality to have the house blessed, which indicates that everything pretends to be closed between the religions and these technicians in para normality.

The UFO phenomenon is also linked to this. The grays act in the manner of specters or ghosts, I say this from my own experience, I had many years of paranormal life, and I could live in the flesh these deceptive phenomena of the matrix or system. Obviously, in order to learn the truth about all this paranormal and evil theater.

When you pass away, I recommend you not to incarnate again in this world, it is not a good place to live.

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