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Latent non-human genes in the Jewish maternal lineage

Source: Great Master ALUDAKH
Writer: Master Leonardo Betetto

Why so much rigidity of the Jews in inheriting through the mother, in an exclusive way?

For a long time I thought it was a genetic issue, but related to mental faculties. My reasoning was limited, something much bigger and more serious than a question of intellectual capacities for business is brewing here.

If we analyze the reality of what these people have produced on Earth, and the signs they give, they hate human beings, and their souls are not of beings that have been human. When I speak of them, they are at most a fraction, but they could be all of them, and they just don't know it. They will simply be warned or they will be surprised.

Judaism, like Christianity, speaks of the famous Age to Come or Olam Chavah. We have been told that we will be immortal and immaterial beings. This is false, because the material world is good and suitable to sustain the perfect, ideal and happy human form.

But if we take more points of reference, as a next point let's talk about the icons of the monarchies of Europe, we do not see humans as a symbol of triumph and reign. On the contrary, we see the main human of humanity as a corpse hanging from a cross.

The cross is the universal symbol of maximum inefficiency, and maximum conflict. It is two oppositions, and four quadratures. In other words, the cross is a symbol of the worst that the universe can give, not a symbol of blessing, as Christianity suggests. It is not for nothing that Judaism uses the six-pointed star or the famous Star of David.

The Welsh flag shows a dragon as a symbol of sovereignty.

Now we come to the third point, which is how the Bible treats the human being. He is constantly portrayed as a failure of creation, full of faults and sins, and incapable of reaching perfection. This is what the Catholic Church expressly says, that man strives but does not attain holiness.

We now see the last point, which are the frightful creatures used by the moon as biological weapons. They are in the subsoil of Israel and Palestine, and they are so terrifying that a person can die just from fear at the sight of them.

The moon is a promoter of alternative forms to the human one.

Religion also shows this, through its tremendous authoritarianism and contempt for human work.

As a conclusion, the genes that the Jews care so much about are a latent material to become something else. That is the famous Jewish Age to Come, an era of conversion of the human into a hideous isectoid.

But we also see that on a daily basis. Look at nature, reptiles are a very efficient alternate form of mammal. Not only that they are devoured, but they are also cold-blooded, cunning, treacherous, take their prey by ambush and infinite suffering, can go without food for a year, and other things.

I have had the chance to exchange a few words with a servant of the status quo, and it is outrageous the way they express themselves, manipulating with their words, instilling double messages, they are not upset, they are very cold and calm. Their language is full of fallacies and traps, and one runs the risk of losing patience and saying insults, which is what they expect. They know how to use human energy against humans. Look at the fangs of snakes, they are set backwards, so that the more force the prey makes, the more it is inserted into their jaws. The strategy is to open their mouth, and then pull out the hand.

Finally, the surprises do not cease in this world, there are souls that are not human, they conspire in silence, they play with people, they enjoy their suffering, and that is not human. They are what in common language we would say, DIABOLIC.

From the Federation of Uranus, and the Universe we will defend the human species, and we will destroy the perverted reptilian and insectoid genus, we will not allow them to take over the planet in any way.

This problem is repeated on many planets, and even live on some, where they originated.

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