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Why is the Earth warming?

by Leonardo Betetto

Scientists claim not to know why the earth is warming so fast.

Either they pretend not to know, or they have been silenced, on pain of losing their heads and their whole family.

That's how the hidden elite of European Jews and monarchs act: if someone knows too much or talks too much ... "Kill him". Well, that's the way these evil scoundrels are.

The Earth is warming up fast because the same moon, which controls the apocalyptic process, is the one that is generating phenomena with its anti-gravity generator.

An anti-gravity generator is common in cosmic technology, but on Earth it is hidden from us on purpose, so that we don't know so much about it.

When I apply antigravity to an object, it levitates, and if I take it away, it will fall again as if nothing suspended it.

With antigravity, the mega stone blocks with which they built the pyramids and so many monstrous constructions, such as the stone statues of Easter Island, or the mega blocks of Puma Punku, are transported.

What the moon is doing is making the pressure of the atmosphere vary in a specific and punctual way, by calculations made with its artificial intelligence, evil, but intelligence nonetheless, and in this way it produces fluctuations in the earth's temperature. This is what the El Niño phenomenon is all about.

If a gas expands, it absorbs heat, and if it compresses, it releases heat. So, the Moon applies anti-gravity to the atmosphere, and then presses down on it, and thus moves heat around the Earth, creating cyclonic (low pressure) centres, and anticyclonic (high pressure) centres. Very hot wind is thus generated, which brings drought, also manipulating the level of the rivers and the sea with such anti-gravity.

After the droughts and stifling heat come floods, and with them come diseases, as sewage contents are released into the water.

In other words, the Moon is a disgusting, rogue machine that is programmed for mass genocide.

A lot of information from North America and Japan and Korea are false, and they are false climate phenomena. They lie because their idea is to produce catastrophes and death in the nations they don't want, so they invent catastrophes for themselves, so as not to arouse too much suspicion.

This miserable situation will last until 2045. Then will come the final struggle for peace and light, which is not delayed, and it is coming.

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