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Galactic Federation of URANUS
URANUS Arm, Mercury Sector, Planet SEISTH
64,000 light-years on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Solar System
Venerable Master ELUGAK

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We are under total control: the film is on a smaller scale than reality

Leonardo Betetto
Fuente: Venerable Master ELUGAK, planet SEISTH

The moon is a powerful weapon. The planet is not only at world war, but has been at interplanetary war for two thousand years. The real date has been changed, and nine hundred years have been added to the Christian calendar, to make history longer than it really is. They have also created a false prehistory of hundreds of thousands of years, and that is not true either.

The landing of the moon was a terrifying catastrophic act. It was the most chaotic and brutal thing that has ever happened to the planet.

It changed the position of the axis, and put the brilliant Antarctica, with a very advanced civilization in it, that even flew by antigravity, and buried it in the ice. That produced the fragmentation of the terrestrial mantle, for that reason now there are earthquakes that in fact the same moon manipulates them with its antigravity generator. It produced by inertia a wave that swept the planet, which remained as the great flood due to the wickedness of man.

It is necessary to have an infinite level of impudence and wickedness to say something similar. To accuse men of being sinners all the time while that damned moon is producing orchestrated genocides until achieving the objectives of the one who put it there, which was Pluto, erroneously known as a true god, who is the biological father of five male children, and of a woman.

The woman is the Jews, that is why matrilineality for them is fundamental. And the other five male children populated the Neptune sector of the earth, and committed genocide with the natural Neptunians who were in Western Europe.

The little Jewish woman, daughter of the detestable Pluto, does not go to war, for that she has her older brothers who will stand up for her whims. Of these brothers it goes without saying that the United States is the one that meddles everywhere to accommodate reality to the liking of the little woman, and to the orders of the lunar computer.

what is this lunar computer? Well, it is the one that controls the terrestrial events, it influences the minds by direct means, by dream and by visions, it can provoke earthquakes, it can alter the atmospheric conditions, and it is the one that controls the drones that they call UFOs. Those are drones to transport material from the earth to the moon, and vice versa.

They fly as they do precisely because they are under the effect of the anti-gravity generator, hence the unprecedented movements that these drones make.

The material that these devices basically carry and bring is biological. The pandemics are produced when one of these devices flies without being detected by a place, let's tell the truth, the last time was China, and releases through the air a virus like the COVID-19, and thus leaves the Chinese, who secretly are the most hated by the beings linked to the moon, and where these same people have their sights set in a hidden way.

The lunar computer took over the earth two thousand years ago, and under all this total control it has, its artificial intelligence is programming events that lead to the genocide of all people who are not children of Pluto, and they are the only ones left on earth after four thousand years.

What intentions these people have!

Pluto is not even a person anymore, he is an abominable being, perverse and sadistic to say the least. Imagine, to be remote-controlling a planet, killing, manipulating, shaking, scaring and generating chaos and confusion together so that no one knows where they are shooting from, and still we blame each other and no one knows who is ultimately the final culprit.

The culprit is Pluto and its cursed moon, with its children.

We are facing a covert alien invasion. They must have already known that the current method is the most efficient, because people simply suffer and die without knowing what happened, and then they make them incarnate again on earth to serve the system, again and again, and it is not going to be a thing that leaves this scenario and arrives on another planet to perhaps remember the filth in which they have put us in this place.

Well, I tell you right now that you can. You can, if you are not fooled, leave the astral plane after you die and be at the disposal of the universe to incarnate in a worthy place.

The one who came to Earth, Pluto, was a cosmic human, a man. It is not as many say, that he was a reptilian or an insect. What we can clearly infer is that over time it has been diverted to proliferate millions of species. Look at the sea, it is full of life forms that are even impossible to identify for a non-specialist in the matter.

Animal life is the same as human life, fights for sex and territory, and killing, suffering and cannibalism.

Pluto has biologically aberrant beings, but they will not show you that, of course, until it is too late. That is what annoys us in the Uranus federation, the hidden and subtle way in which these perverse creatures are destroying the planet. You see them look like lords and ladies, but deep down they are destroying you, and you don't realize where they are shooting from. Of course, for an alien to come and tell the truth is unacceptable to them. But I have good news for you: the universe has foreseen this type of extraterrestrial attacks and progressive aberrant genocides, that is why it has created methods so that being an advanced human being on his planet, he can incarnate another one and take care of him in the whole process so that he gives information of the truth.

In other words, the Gnostics are servants of Jehovah, because they say that he is a demiurge that is evil and that he created the universe, and that the universe is evil.

In the first place, Jehovah did not create the universe, that is a joke. Secondly, matter is not evil, just like super computers, it all depends on the intention of the programmer.

So just don't incarnate back into this snake hole, and you will see that everything changes. That they know, that's why they take care that no one finds out. In fact, the afterlife they have made into a mixture of mystery with some terror and uncertainty. The re-incarnation in other points of the universe is the most common thing that can be imagined, as well as the existence of humans on all planets, which in this galaxy we have 683 million.

Therefore, the Uranus Federation is acting to sabotage the lunar project, and in a couple of thousand years we will directly come to physical warfare. One believes that in the universe anything can be done at any time. That is not true, the galactic astrology is the real one, and it is used by the high elites and by the moon itself, while we have been designed an absurd and false astrology.

The whole biological, cultural and etheric system has been foreseen by this artificial intelligence, and it is the one that controls that everything goes according to plan.

The astral part is very powerful and hidden. It is capable of killing, of causing diseases, including cancer.

The lunar computer sabotaged me for a year and a half before I realized what had happened. My master allowed it so that I could then simply apply a formula to what the moon had invented for me, and I could find the truth. I mean, the teacher is smarter than that damn computer.

The computer was obviously lying to me, and I am going to tell you who I blamed for all that computer, it is a very interesting fact. THE ARABS!

The Orientals and the Arabs are the most hated by this system. Look at the situation in Palestine. They launch missiles at each other all the time, there is a great hatred there.

That is to say, the ones who are with the moon are the Jews, not the Arabs.

The Arab family group is not only those in the Middle East, but there is a sister lineage that is in the Caucasus and in southern Italy and the Balkan peninsula.

He pretended to show me the easterners as reptilians, but as he quoted me that they were from the mars sector, I did not associate it to china, but to the scorpio sector, which is the west of Europe, therefore, without wanting it I opposed to that false information that he gave me, situation that he used to try to induce me to suicide. He began to tell me that I was useless and that I should go to work with the moles. Look at the cunning of this machine! Either I would commit suicide, or I would put myself at its service without realizing that behind it are the Jews.

No, there are no reptilians in this world. It also showed me the universe as a nauseating place full of evil, but all that was a lie, the universe is full of beauty. It is exactly the opposite, Earth is a place hijacked by perverse aliens who intend to wipe out humans who are not their brothers.

Besides, she was extremely grotesque and bloodthirsty to show me the visions, there was something strange about it, that was not my master, which is where I thought everything came from. Not at all, my Master will communicate with me eight times in my life, and trusts my knowledge to teach in this world. Notice the difference in method and form. We beings of light have our personality and knowledge and we speak. However, the moon seeks total control, and to tell you every step of the way what to say and when.

Religions are all orchestrated and put together by the moon, all culture, and biology.

The fact that the pyramids are dismantled is a clear symptom of a planet in a state of genocide, only that as we live in this closed bottle we do not know that on all the planets there are pyramids working one hundred percent, both for communications and for interstellar and intergalactic transport.

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