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Galactic Uranus Federation
64,000 light-years on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Solar System

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Free yourself from this cursed matrix on Earth!

by Leonardo Betetto

Greetings friend, this is Leonardo, from Argentina.

I have incarnated from a planet called SEISTH, on the opposite side of the Milky Way from Earth, in the Arm of Uranus, Mercury Sector. My Master is called Elugak. The planet is 64,000 light years from Earth.

Before we give the good news, well, we must give the bad news. The bad news is that this planet is on a path of genocide of its population, and in a dysfunctional state, it has been at war for thousands of years, and we do not notice it because we live only about 70 years.

The issue is that the hidden agendas pretend to pass off as an apocalypse, and a divine judgment to something that in reality is a genocidal conspiracy in order to keep the whole Earth for themselves.

Wicked, aren't they?

The good news I have to give you is that you can be free. Get off this planet forever, and not have to suffer at the whim of a group of twisted, evil people.

Your soul has entered Earth in a continuous cycle of incarnations! In each lifetime they erase your memory and put you where they want you. When I say they, I mean people from the West, people who rule the whole world. The real rulers are hidden, and they are answered by the monarchies of Western Europe (England, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal), and the Jews, and include of course the United States and Canada.

You have been taught that you must return to pay karma, but that is false. Karma exists, but on earth it is not being respected. There are evil people who incarnate in privileged places, and there are good people who incarnate arbitrarily, and many times to live a horrible life.

That is what I wanted to talk to you about: there is a horrible future coming for Asia and the Middle East, for the hidden rulers of the Western agenda are not your brothers, in fact, they are your enemies, and they have plans to get rid of all Eastern people. In fact, the point is that there is a war going on between the two sides, and we are in the middle of it without realizing it. Your creators are no longer with you, so today you rule the agenda of your enemies, except for Cuba and the former Soviet Union, which is ruled by the only ancient alien on Earth, which is Jupiter, whose major head is Russia. If there is one reason why the West has not yet launched itself against Asia, it is because of Jupiter. It doesn't have as much money or technology, but it has a very large nuclear arsenal, and that stops the evil genocidal Westerners.

I have come from the same planet as the creator of the orientals, a native of the sign of Saturn, of the Planet SEISTH, and I do so to explain to you that sad reality, and many things more. Our agenda is that of Uranus, from where the aforementioned Saturn came from, and the agenda does not rule at this time. Such is, that we are at war: SEISTH, against EARTH. It is a somewhat cold war, according to terrestrial terms, that is, we are taking advantage of Earth's vulnerability in the solar system, from a galactic astrology point of view (the real one), but not to wickedly destroy people and their possessions, but to bend the wicked elites, so that they cannot eliminate us in this process of delivering vital information to the people. In other words, we are using the weakness of others to inform them, not to kill them.

Many already note that being in this world with compromising information is grounds for being cleansed and disappearing, but in our case we cannot be eliminated for the astrological reasons cited. Of course, I myself, the contactee, have the entire Uranus Federation, and my Master and his people watching over me 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and they do it from my planet. We will also talk about this technology, because the cursed elites do not want you to know the truth about it.

It can be said that the ancestral Jupiter has been sheltered for the moment with its nuclear weapons, that is why the thing does not become bigger, that is to say, the agenda of EGAH TUW KWA GRUW (Pluto) does not destroy the rest of the human beings, because Jupiter will respond immediately with its nuclear armament.

The most powerful agenda is the European monarchies, which are united with the Jews. European males and Jewish females are an offspring created by the aforementioned alien, which dwells on the Moon.

Pluto, and to a large extent Jupiter, have designed the plan to destroy you. That plan that looks like a divine judgment, being in reality a genocidal conspiracy.

The Bible speaks of this event as the seven trumpets, in Revelation. But they deceive you, because they do not say where the holocaust will be, nor when, and they give reasons that you are sinners, that is why they send you this destruction. That is an evil excuse, you are not sinners. You are as they made you, that is all.

I mean, there is a mythological and religious treatise on the event, and there is real and astrological and strategic information about it, but that naturally they will not tell anyone in this world, except us, the agenda of Planet SEISTH will tell you the truth.

If you refuse to incarnate after your detachment, then you will not give the West the pleasure of being able to do the ugly things that they have planned to do to you.

There are wonderful worlds out there to live in, far better than this prison world we have fallen into. When you disincarnate they will try to convince you to return, but you can refuse as long as necessary until you finally leave this place for much better ones.

Also, as far as possible, it is not convenient to leave children, because it will be for them to have the same future, and the same situation. The date of the climax of the eastern holocaust is fifteen hundred years from now: there will be a great volcanic eruption, they will drop dirty bombs into the river sources, and release biological weapons.

I wish you good luck, and may you enjoy other worlds much better than this one.

There are other countries in the southern hemisphere that are in a similar situation, although they do not plan to use a holocaust in the same way as they will do in the East. For them also goes this good news. Guerrillas, hunger, inflation, economic incapacity, low health and food standards, demagogies, dictators, political problems and drugs are being used against them.

Of course, everyone has a free will, and your father's agenda respects that free will for you. If you wish to return to this world, and face the situation, and even have children, that is up to you. We are a resilient and intelligent race, that is not even necessary to clarify.

Further details on how to avoid returning to Earth

First of all I would like to clarify that this issue, leaving Earth requires an attitude, it is not a magic spell to be pronounced. We must be firm and determined not to return to this place, and not be fooled by the mental manipulations of the lunar computer.

I tell you friends:

The universe has common matter, that which we can see with our physical eyes while we are alive. There is also mental matter. The difference between one and the other is that the common matter is formed by atoms, and in turn the atoms by elementary particles, and the elementary particles by a spiral of millions of bits. It can be said that if we shrink and navigate through an elementary particle, it would be like navigating through the galaxy, and the stars would be the bits.

Bits are the elementary unit of matter, both common and mental, and if we go further we would already enter the bits of second level of density, but for now we care only about the two levels mentioned.

The difference lies, then, in the fact that mental matter has for atoms the elementary particles of common matter. In other words, mental matter has constituent units two trillion times smaller than common matter.

I make an analogy:

If common matter were made up of bricks like atoms, the dust that forms it would be particles of mental matter. This makes mental matter actually with a higher density potential, despite appearances. By having smaller elementary units, many can fit in a space of one atom of common matter.

That is the reason why people who experience astral detachments pass through walls and objects without difficulty, because the mental matter crosses the great emptiness that are the atoms of common matter.

To exemplify: if an atom were the size of the solar system, each sub atomic particle would be the size of the great pyramid. All of which shows how empty the universe really appears to be.

So, our physical body is formed by DNA, proteins and water, basically, adding some minerals in small quantities.

The mental body is formed by associations of atoms of mental matter, which I have already mentioned are the size of the elementary particles that form the atoms of matter.

Our mind, therefore, is a tissue of atoms of mental matter, which are complexly joined together to encode information and to assemble sensory mechanisms. By sensory I mean being able to see and feel, it is consciousness. The soul does not have eyes like the physical ones, but it can perceive the whole universe just the same.

The incarnation consists then in the union of the soul, its constituent atoms, with the protein molecules of the brain.

Proteins are made up of amino acids, and have atomic structures that form rings of carbon atoms, in the form of hexagons. This hexagon has six points of double bonds to carbon and hydrogen atoms.

This is how each carbon atom is constituted as a pyramid, from whose vertex emits electrons, which being six pyramids converge in a central point, and form particles of mental matter associated with each other. It would be as the atoms of common matter do. Water is two hydrogen, and one oxygen. Carbon dioxide is two oxygens and one carbon, and so on.

Then, the amino acids that form the macromolecules of proteins encode information that the mental body receives.

The inverse process, are particles of mental matter, its atoms that are like electrons of common matter, and are inserted into the nerve synapses according to the information to be encoded in the brain.

On the other hand, in the human body there is a natural circulation of atoms of mental matter, which in some cases some people perceive as heat in the palm of the hands, or in the area between the eyebrows and head. It is not possible to see with the physical eyes the mental matter, because it would be literally like pretending to see electricity.

Around the Earth, there is a mantle of mental matter that rotates, and passes through the moon, where this matter is processed by the quantum computer in it. It is a very powerful computer, it is the SKYNET of the movie Terminator, but it is real.

That computer produces ghosts, grays, deformed beings, elementals, and all kinds of witchcraft, mental manipulation, and dreams at night, including prophetic visions, are produced by that computer using mental matter, and producing holograms as that computer determines it should do so.

This is how the mental matter that circulates naturally in our organism, can be altered by that computer. It does not always happen, it is in specific cases to achieve certain goals, because that computer is the brain placed for the earth to take the course that its programmer, Pluto, wanted.

You cannot manage billions of souls and an astral plane with billions of objects by one person, although it is more plausible that Pluto is no longer a cosmic human.

The astral plane is something assembled around the Earth, it is not something natural to the universe, that is important to clarify.

It is denoted then, that the incarnation is the coupling of that mental structure with the brain, and then all the meridians of the physical body.

In order to carry out this complex event, it is necessary to have the absolute consent of the soul in question, otherwise there can be no incarnation.

When we die, the mental body separates from the physical body, since the latter no longer functions. The astral plane has different holograms or simulations to receive us at death.

If you were a Christian or Muslim, a court of angels will surely appear to judge you. If you were an atheist, the same thing, they can be simulated angels, or other beings of different aspects. The astral plane can wickedly simulate many beings that do not really exist, they are like video games on a computer. They do not exist, but they seem to exist.

To make you incarnate by your own will they trick you, lower your self-esteem, and blame you.

It is important to understand, above all, that the concept of sin and karma exists, but on earth it is not being fulfilled, given the fact that we are beings already created with an instinct that leads us to act as we act, and on top of that, wickedly that same astral plane can lead us in life to think as we think and to have dreams and visions, and specific attitudes.

But these feigned holograms will try by means of guilt and fear to make us incarnate again, to supposedly pay for our faults, or under a promise of a life full of money and worldly pleasures. ALL THIS IS A LIE.

If we have our self-esteem high, and we get rid of unnecessary guilt, we will be strong enough to refuse until the end to incarnate again, because as I told you, they need us to submit voluntarily in order to incarnate, and if we submit, they will end up doing it wherever they want.

Once they definitely cannot convince us to incarnate again, they will release us, and our soul has chances. One is to call ourselves to unconsciousness, until the Earth is a worthy place to live, for which there are thousands of years to go. There is no need to worry about that, because when we are unconscious, the sensation of the passage of time disappears. It will be like the blink of an eye, and that's it.

The recovery of freedom of choice

After we have been released from this prison, it is necessary, even if it is in a transitory body, to incarnate in order to recover what has been lost, that is, in physical life to plan our future, where we want to incarnate and for what purpose. This is a right that every soul in the universe has, but obviously on earth this process is not respected.

Then we will make a decision of where to incarnate and for what, and we will be put in an avatarization device, just like the movies, where your body remains in a state of hyper sleep, sometimes cryogenic, and the soul will leave for where it has been agreed, and you will live your life, whose universal norm is 7,500 to 10,000 years, which lasts an astrological cycle of the solar system.

Before leaving your body, you will agree with the right people to what other place in the universe you want to go, or stay where you are, and you will return to receive another body, to do what was agreed, no lies and manipulations.

In conclusion, it can be said that we are in a temporary trap, which we can get out of through knowledge of the truth, elevated self-esteem, and removing false guilt.

Work on those three points while you live, you can, we humans can do great things, but on earth we have been deceived by culture and religion, and we have had our self-esteem diminished, and we have been made responsible for ugly events for which we are not responsible.

Guilt and fear are inseparable partners.

Guilt is a negative feeling that arises in a person as a result of having been made responsible for a negative and compromising event. Almost 100% of the guilt imputed to us humans is false. We are not responsible for things that happen as a result of other mechanisms that produce them. Religion is a specialist in generating blame. And after guilt comes fear, because we are afraid of the punishment with which you are threatened. Also, step by step, our self-esteem goes down, because we perceive ourselves as more limited and dirty beings, when it is absolutely the opposite. Things happen in the world because that is how the world was organized, and you do what you do because you have a genetic programming that was not made by you, but by your creators. So for your creators to blame you in order to reincarnate is obviously a fraud.

In order to overcome this, it is indispensable to abandon religions, which are specialists in generating blame, fear, and false ideas.

All the cultural processes that must be abandoned and our self-esteem enhanced are more difficult than escaping from the astral plane. Those who designed culture and religion knew what they were doing, and they did a great evil. They made a mess of this world, and they blame us to falsely redeem themselves. So do your part while you are alive, and that will help you on the day of your passing.

All the cultural processes that need to be abandoned and our self-esteem enhanced are more difficult than escaping from the astral plane. Those who designed culture and religion knew what they were doing, and they did great evil. They made a mess of this world, and they blame us to falsely redeem themselves. So do your part while you are alive, and that will help you on the day of your passing.

Of course, you can't do it all, there are many mechanisms implemented on earth within society and culture that lower your self-esteem and produce fear. But at least what you are aware of you can free yourself, so that you can get out of this evil world.

It is important then to be clear: if you do not want to leave your religion and your beliefs based on myths, you will not be able to leave the Earth. Religion is a biological and mental weapon of high danger, it is forbidden on a universal level, just as nuclear weapons are forbidden, among many other things.

I was talking about dark psychology, and religion as a biological weapon. Well, the most dangerous concept of the dark psychology of religion is the lie of the one true god, who is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-sensing.

Not only that it is a lie, but by consciously or unconsciously comparing myself with this concept, it lowers my self-esteem. It is a complex process, and as I was saying, even unconscious, and it is very bad for mental health.

There are trillions of very advanced beings in our universe, and the power of some of them gives that to observe as if they were gods, but that is not what religions tell you, it is a matter of technology, and for many, not for only one being. The notion of a single god is an invention of the terrestrial religions with the dark purpose I mentioned.

In another section we can deal with the subject of dark psychology and the danger of religion, especially the fanatics, but in this article I have intended to deal with the subject of incarnation, and to make disclosure of the scientific facet that it has, and that no one on earth will explain it to you, because when dealing with the subject scientists are treated as misguided and crazy, and the religious tell you that you must believe, and that is all, and it is also dangerous.

Of course, when we incarnate again they erase our memory. That is fundamental for the person to continue in the cycle of incarnations. It is also the healthiest thing to do, because remembering all your affections from centuries ago will lead you to not being able to live this life happily.

On a universal level, the affections are erased, but the useful knowledge remains with you. The erasure of affections is a good they do us, as I was telling you, if it were not so, we would suffer for life, all lives.


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