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Galactic Uranus Federation
64,000 light-years on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Solar System

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The pyramids are connection points between the realities of the same universe

Source: Planet SEISTH, Saturn Galactic Federation
Contactee: Master Leonardo Betetto

The pyramids are connection points in the universe.

The universe is digital. I clarify that it is not electronic, but digital. With bits is the universal optimal way to make something, that's why computing uses bits of zeros and ones, it's simple to understand.

Each object in the universe is identified in the universal lobe, which would be the top of a great pyramid. Every object in the universe is measured in pyramidal and zodiacal proportions, that of the true zodiac. Therefore, true astrology and computer science are the key to understanding the universe.

This is not told to you on earth by the ruling elites. In fact, the pyramids that the ancient aliens made are dismantled, destroyed and inoperative. They use the far side of the moon so we don't know anything about it.

In other words, that teleportation exists, they just don't tell us how it would work. It is not only for transportation, but for communications. In fact, matter is information, therefore we are talking about the same thing.

As in an internet, the lobe of the universe gives access permissions. There are people who even have access to modify the reality of a certain place as necessary, but that is very controlled, and implies a lot of responsibility.

Inside the stone pyramid is a very powerful computer, which is responsible for encoding the information and sending it from the central lobe through the starting line. Then, the zodiacal arms that the solar system has transmit the information to the lobe of the solar system, which will be more or less in the sun as its center. And from there, in turn, the universal spirals carry the information towards the universal lobe. The universal lobe derives the information through its spirals towards the destination solar system, and that solar system in turn sends the information to the aforementioned planet through its spirals, and instantly arms the object at its destination.

Therefore, each object in the universe, whatever its level, has its identification in a binary code. Bits are basic microstructures smaller than elementary particles that travel at infinite speed along the spiral pyramidal structures of the universe. And that's how everything works, including how reality is put together. It is the universal lobe that is sending information throughout the universe, through its eight spirals, to build each solar system, and in turn, each solar system sends information to build all the objects in that system, from the planets to the computer keyboard. the PC that I am using, each object is identified by the universal lobe, and it builds it in the form of frames, a certain number of them per second. But that is an issue related to how reality works, and it is a separate issue, although it cannot be left out of mention when it comes to the use of the pyramids.

There is, then, a natural flow of information through the universe, and on the other, the one that sends the pyramids to transmit data through the universe. Suppose I am here in Argentina, and I want to travel to my planet, SEISTH.

So the ones with the pyramid are my coplanetaries in SEISTH. They send the identification of my person to the universal lobe. Then the spirals that make up the solar system take the information from my structure, from there it goes through the determined spiral of the zodiac, and it is received by the lobe of the solar system. Then it sends it to the universal lobe, and the universal lobe sends it to the solar system where SEISTH is, and the solar lobe of the planetary system of SEISTH sends it through its spirals towards SEISTH, usually the destination is next to the pyramid, in receptacles specific for that, so as not to suddenly appear anywhere on the planet. It is a matter of safety and efficiency.

The input of data in each zodiac is through the ascending corner (IN), and the output is through the descending (OUT).

From there, with that connection from the pyramid to the universal lobe, I can read what I want from the universe, but of course, as I told you, there are permissions and limits for everything, like in a common internet.

This, then, is the use of the pyramids, nothing more and nothing less than to transmit data through the universe, and what connects us with everything that is in it.

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