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Galactic Federation of URANUS
URANUS Arm, Mercury Sector, Planet SEISTH
64,000 light-years on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Solar System
Venerable Master ELUGAK

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Predictions for May 8-9 of the current year

1: Catastrophic situations (RISKS): Moon opposition Pluto, square Jupiter
Time of the Great Pyramid of Egypt: 19:00 hours UTC

2: Neptune opposition Uranus conjunct natal Venus, square transiting Venus -> Risk of water catastrophe or accident in the area adjacent to the Yenisei River, Russia (Midnight and early morning of May 9, current).

3: Southern Japan: Jupiter opposition natal Jupiter, square Mars, square Pluto -> Risk of earthquake or tremor (01:00 hours on Tuesday, May 9).

4: Venus square Neptune, square natal Venus -> Area adjacent to the Red Sea, risk of Catastrophes: seismic or other (19:00 hours UTC).

5: Brazil: Neptune opposition Venus conjunct natal Uranus: risk of catastrophe, accident and floods (15:00 hs UTC).

6: South of Madagascar: risk of catastrophe or serious accident (20:00 hours UTC).

Source: Venerable Master ELUGAKH, Planet SEISTH.
Contact: Master Leonardo Betetto.
Mendoza, Argentina
Date: May 6, 2023
Technique: Digital Spiral Astrology (DSA).

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All Rights Reserved
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Mendoza, Argentina & PLANET SEISTH

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