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Who is Jehovah Hashem?

I have called Mr. Pluto one of the ancestral aliens who arrived in Israel together with what would be understood to be Israel, but Biblical Israel is a myth, reality has nothing to do with it, in fact, they did not even inhabit Jerusalem, but the Tel Aviv area, and secondly, because they first arrived in Africa.

This being is from the arm of Neptune, from the Neptune Sector, born under the sign of Pluto. Do not forget that the real zodiac is different from that of the Earth. It has eight sectors, and neither the Sun nor the Moon are there, since they are not planets.

This being is very manipulative, and made life impossible for the other alien who came with him, on the arm of Ares and Neptune Sector, but some 20 thousand light years towards the first galactic quadrant.

1: Earth
2: Seisth
3: Mythical Ancestor of Israel
4: First Ancestor of Egypt Agenda (builder of the pyramids)
5: Origin of LORD PLUTO.

Mr. Pluto is not a being with too much devotion to art and good. He is an expert geneticist, and likes to develop biological weapons, be they viruses, or hideous creatures to use as weapons, as shown in the Aliens movie saga. Aberrational beings created to torment and kill people. That is to say, Mr. Pluto is a kind of Victor Frankenstein from the interstellar sector, and the news I have up my sleeve is that he is the famous Ha Shem of the Jews, known biblically (mythologically, therefore) as Jehovah or Yahweh.

For this reason, next to the city of SALIT, in the West Bank, before Israel, is the famous abyss, or Abaddon. These are underground caves where the filthy insectoid creatures that will be released during the Eastern holocaust are housed for the people of the Saturn and Uranus Sector.

What a project those of this Lord Pluto and his subordinates and children!

That is to say, he is not only evil and a producer of evil, but on top of that he has proclaimed himself the only true god, when such a position does not even exist. Therefore, he is manipulative, evil, and on top of that a liar and megalomaniac.

He engendered two lineages, one of males and one of females. The male is known in genetics as "R1b", which occupies all of Western Europe, and the visible dome of him is the monarchy. Then they spread to America.

And on the other hand he fathered a woman, which is the Jewish maternal lineage. That is why for the Jews the issue goes through the mother, not as the Bible contradictorily teaches, which is patriarchal. That is to say, the Bible lies, because in reality they have a matriarch, not a patriarch, as reported in that book.

Both lineages take care of each other, and they are the creators in the West of the atomic bomb, which they ruthlessly dropped against children of Saturn, that is, Japan.

Lord Pluto also created the "J" lineage, common in the Middle East and Southern Europe.

He was the one who, before killing Saturn and leaving, put the Moon where he is. That piece of rock is far from being a planet or even anything good. On its hidden side are pyramids, a quantum computer, an antigravity generator, and thousands of drone robots, which they use as UFOs. The purpose of these robots is to make people believe that they are aliens. In other words, those fetid creatures that are the gray ones do not exist, they are holograms created by the Lunar quantum computer, just like the entire astral plane. Through this obviously hidden technology, they control the Earth, and can even generate ideas and dreams in the minds of people.

The other purpose of UFO drones is to take samples and do genetic experiments. That is to say, they are robots at a distance to create new forms of life. And hence the reason that they often leave the sea. They are called: OSNIS.

A bad end awaits Mr. Pluto, the universe is perfect, and sooner or later he collects his debts. That is to say, it is not the humans who will be judged, but the aliens who act badly. But this being has blamed man for the evil in the world to temporarily redeem himself, and incidentally make man guilty, and low self-esteem.

But as the saying walks, the one that goes badly ends badly, and this villain will end as it should, in total darkness and destruction.

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