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Galactic Federation of URANUS
URANUS Arm, Mercury Sector, Planet SEISTH
64,000 light-years on the opposite side of the Milky Way from the Solar System
Venerable Master ELUGAK

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What is the purpose of predicting EARTHQUAKES? AVOID THEM!

Source: Venerable Master ELUGAK, planet SEISTH
Contactee: Master Leonardo Betetto

The immediate opinion that arises with respect to predicting, for example, an earthquake, is that people take measures to protect themselves, go out into the street, put themselves under protection, and if there is enough time, to be able to reinforce the structures of the buildings. Well, not really.

It is as if we had access to the database of a criminal organization, and we know that within 24 hours they are going to carry out a bank robbery.

We would spread the information of the fact, then the bank building will be filled with police, all public forces, people will leave, and they will close the doors of the bank.

Then, when the criminals arrive, they will be put in prison, and they will fail in their robbery, and on top of that we will look like prophets, and like a phenomenon of guys who predicted a robbery.

What is the best option for a criminal organization if someone predicts the event?

Well, not to carry it out, and postpone it for another time. If that time can already take place.

The same happens with the astrological predictions of the Galactic Federation of Uranus. The lunar robot knows that we have predicted, for example, on Sunday, one hour and seven minutes before an earthquake almost in the same place as on February 6, a little more to the northeast, as to continue destroying systematically, do you understand?

However, by publishing the prediction of the event an hour earlier, the lunar robot was forced to suspend the catastrophe, in fact, there was only a 2.4 earthquake, which is not much.

The astrological situation was identical to that of the February 6 earthquake: Moon opposition Saturn. Moon on Mercury, Saturn on Jupiter, intersecting Jupiter's spiral. Also the zodiacal ascendant should be at 25 degrees Sagittarius.

It is amazing to see that this astrological combination lasts only one hour, and by the encouragement of the Venerable ELUGAKH, I put just the parameters in the astrological calculator, and I saw the above configuration, as I was saying, one hour before it happened.

Then I said: I post it at least on my Facebook wall, so then I give proof of the astrological capacity of Master ELUGAKH, and the perfect predictive potential that has the spiraloid astrology, a form of astrology that is not taught to people on Earth. It is known only to the highest elites, and extraterrestrials, of course.

So as I was making an analogy, if an event is predicted, it is not in the author's best interest to carry it out, for it will leave the anticipators in fame and renown, and they will be left as criminals. In other words, we force the bad guys to cancel their plans of genocide and destruction.

I tell you that the night I made the prediction, or rather, the early morning of May 1st, the lunar robot was sending me visions for about an hour.

I don't remember everything, but it mocked me, and reproached me for the fact that I so defended the Jupiter area of the earth, if this being son of ancestral aliens has treated so badly the children of Saturn who inhabit Jupiter, that is, the Russians, and the people of northern Asian features, such as Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia.

What of course the lunar robot did not take into account, and from a machine programmed with so much evil it is not strange, is that it is not about Jupiter, but about the lives of thousands and even millions of human beings who have nothing to do with the mutual hatred between Jehovah and Jupiter.

Jupiter is not a being I like either: he is violent, impulsive, and mean in a big way. How he treated people for communism proves it, but, I repeat, what is at stake here is the lives of millions and if we consider the rest of Asia, billions of people.

So the end of predicting, is to prevent, and that is already a lot for me and my master, and I hope also for every good-hearted being on this earth.

The invasion of Ukraine, the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, and the Turkey Earthquake of February 6, show clearly that the Jupiter sector is under genocide process, and the idea of us is to help as much as we can.

Another fact of even greater importance is our prediction of the seven trumpets of the Apocalypse, which were directed towards China, Japan and Korea. When we informed the Chinese government, in less than two weeks China cut off relations with the US.

As the Apocalypse tells the fact, but not where or when, on purpose of course, we gave the date and place of the event, therefore the hidden elites have been forced to suspend the catastrophes of the East, as mentioned in the Apocalypse, because the potential victims are already on notice.

This is all part of a silent information war that we are conducting between SEISTH and the occult elite of the earth. What disgusts us most is the hidden way they move. Like hackers, they act incognito, so you don't realize where the stab is coming from, but we end up getting hurt anyway.

The hatred of the West and the Jews towards the East is very great, but they don't say so. They also hate blacks, and Latinos, especially Latinos with large indigenous features. But they try to confuse us by putting characters in the movies, for example, people of color who have roles of benevolence and importance. It's all a trap to keep us from being suspicious. However, the slavery of the past centuries gives them away about how they feel about people of color.

The US has also sponsored South Korea, and they know very well that the potential eruption of Japan in the next millennium will wipe out Korea. They are keeping it quiet so that no one makes a fuss. China is also pretending not to know anything, but is taking action, along with Jupiter, i.e. Russia. They have also planned actions with the Persians, who hate the USA, and are very much on Russia's side, as the Persians and Arabs are Jupiter's nephews.

In any case, on our website is the detail of all this fatal conspiracy.

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